Vom Reverb-Klassiker aus den 80ern AMS RMX 16 haben wir qualitativ hochwertige Impulse Responses produziert.

Folgende Programme des AMS RMX 16 befinden sich auf der DVD:

- Ambience (bis 7,8s Nachhall-Zeit*)
- Room A1 (0,1s - 9,9s*)
- Hall C1 (0,1s - 9,9s*)
- Plate A1 (0,1s - 9,9s*)
- Hall B3 (0,1s - 7,8s*)
- Nonlin 2 (41 Einstellungen)
- Reverse 1 (2 x 41 Einstellungen)

* Die Programme sind bis zu einer Nachhall-Zeit von 6 Sekunden in 0,1s-Schritten und darüber in 0,3s-Schritten verfügbar.

Formate: 96kHz/24bit, 48kHz/24bit, 44.1kHz/16bit

Preis: € 65 (inkl. Versand)

Lieferung auf DVD-R oder USB-Stick.

Free sample 'Ambience - 2,1s': 48kHz/24bit | 96kHz/24bit


"I've tested your IRs. They are marvelous. The first impulse responses I ever used that sound so 3-dimensional. The ones I found in Altiverb and Slate Digital VerbSuite plugins sound not as accurate in comparison to your IRs. They must be my only ones in my project. Thank you for your wonderful job!" (Kirill B., Moscow)

"These are incredible. Thank you." (Ken M., Canada)

"I am extremely satisfied with the RMX-16 impulses. Thank you very much, they have made life much easier ;)" (Daniel B., Schweden)

"I have to say that you've done a great job in capturing the essence of this unit. I had the IR's strapped across some drums yesterday on a medium room setting and it really brought them to life." (Chris H., U.K.)

"Sie sind fantastisch. Klingt schön nach 80er Reverb." (Christian, Deutschland)


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