We produced high quality impulse responses of a reverb classic of the 80s, the AMS RMX 16.

The following programs of the AMS RMX 16 are available on the DVD:

- Ambience (reverb time from 0.1s up to 7.8s*)
- Room A1 (0.1s - 9.9s*)
- Hall C1 (0.1s - 9.9s*)
- Plate A1 (0.1s - 9.9s*)
- Hall B3 (0.1s - 7.8s*)
- Nonlin 2 (41 settings)
- Reverse 1 (2 x 41 settings)

* The programs are available in 0.1s steps up to a reverb time of 6 seconds and above in 0.3s steps.

Formats: 96kHz/24bit, 48kHz/24bit, 44.1kHz/16bit

Price: € 65 (incl. worldwide shipping)

Delivery on DVD-R or USB stick.

Free sample 'Ambience - 2.1s': 48kHz/24bit | 96kHz/24bit

This is what customers said:

"These are incredible. Thank you." (Ken M., Canada)

"I am extremely satisfied with the RMX-16 impulses. Thank you very much, they have made life much easier ;)" (Daniel B., Sweden)

"I have to say that you've done a great job in capturing the essence of this unit. I had the IR's strapped across some drums yesterday on a medium room setting and it really brought them to life." (Chris H., U.K.)

"They are fantastic. Sounds very much 80s-reverb-like." (Christian, Germany)


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