As mobile person, who likes seeing much of the world, I have already worked at many different places. My music production career began at the end of the 1990s in Karl-Meissl-Straße 13 in Vienna, as a real bedroom producer. After an excursion of some years to my home town Groß Gerungs in the Austrian Waldviertel, it was then Vienna, where I set up my first real studio with friends. That time we built ourselves our own absorbers to optimize the room's acoustics. Since then these mobile absorbers have had many travels.

Sperrgasse, Vienna
(2008 - 2009)

First real studio place together with two friends.

On the picture: PDJ Isee and me

Groß Gerungs, Lower Austria
(2009 - 2010)

Upgraded to mastering capability, EMT plate reverb and tape machines are purchased.

Karlstetten, Lower Austria
(2010 - 2012)

A Siemens C8 broadcast console sweatens my jobs.

On the picture: Mastering with Massive Passive

Toivala, Kuopio, FIN
(2012 - 2013)

One year in Finland, with nearly all my stuff, sauna and nice parties. Oh gosh!

Wildon, Styria
(2013 - 2016)

Back from Finland, for now everything has to move to former band rehearsal room. Time of study, unfortunately not much time for my studio.

On the picture: Su3-ject!

Köppelreith, Styria

Unfortunately that was a flop. Strange renters, had to move on soon ...

Tollinggraben, Styria
(2016 - ...)

... since then I have been in Tollinggraben near Leoben. A former vacation home for children where plenty of bands and musicians rented rooms, and so did i for my studio. Seclusion in the alps beside the woods, no phone reception, exchange between different musicians... a top location!