€80 per song
Taped - your instrument tracks or mixes sent through the Studer B62 achieving the charismatic tape sound€30 per track
Pulteced - using our MyAudioLab PEQ-1 Tube EQs we make your instrument tracks more lively (in our opinion the best Pultec clone!)€30 per track
EMTed - Have your vocal or intrument tracks enhanced by a real EMT 140 plate reverb. You receive the pure effect tracks and can add them to your mix in your desired intensity.€30 per track
Mixing (up to 24 tracks - already provided with all effects)€ 650

Ordering process:

  • Order
  • Upload
  • Payment per PayPal
  • Downloadable WAV(s) delivered within
    7 days (Mastering) / 14 days (Mixing)